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Climate: The End of the Road for Current Solutions?

The HEC Research Centre for Grand Challenges held a Practice and Research Seminar on 16th March 2023.  Duncan Pollard and Sébastien Houde debated our current corporate and economic approaches to climate...
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Enlightenment 2.0 - The unfinished legacy of Giordano Bruno

Man is not at the center of the universe. In fact, the universe has no center. There are many suns, surrounded by many planets and on some of them there might even be life forms comparable to ours. This...

Reimagining Academia in the Face of Urgent Global Challenges 

The world is not in a good shape. When Rockström and colleagues defined the ecological crisis along nine different planetary boundaries – from global warming to the extinction of species in 2009, they...

The grandest challenge: Overcoming un-sustainability

This is an appeal to conceive today’s grand societal challenges as interconnected problems of sustainability. The prime question asked is therefore how current un–sustainability can be overcome by...
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Welcome to the Grand Challenges Blog @ HEC Lausanne!

“Grand challenges are formulations of global problems that can be plausibly addressed through coordinated and collaborative effort”  (George et al. 2016)  Contributing to this coordinated...

Why “Retire” a Youthful Idea? The Coming of Age of the Grand Challenges Concept

A response to Christian Seelos, Johanna Mair, and Charlotte Traeger, “The Future of Grand Challenges Research: Retiring a Hopeful Concept and Endorsing Research Principles.” Published in the International...

The Future of Grand Challenges Research: Retiring a Hopeful Concept and Endorsing Research Principles

In our research, we examine discourses that shape the strategies and resource allocation processes of organizations in the philanthropic and development sectors. Discourses often become fads with surprisingly...
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